Wednesday, January 1, 2020


hey there. I'm Gwen.
some fast facts about me:
* I'm 14.

* I'm a cis lady and I'm a lesbian.

* I live in Montreal.

* I'm a Hufflepuff.

* I'm a Scorpio.

* my MBTI type is INFP.

* I've got depression and some wicked bad anxiety.

* I write (and never finish anything) and read (myriads of books at a time).

* I draw and do watercolors.

* I hate myself, my life, and everything about the world around me.

listen. I don't even understand my intentions in creating this blog. I have no motivation, and I don't focus on one thing for any long period of time.

so I guess I'll see where it goes, and you'll stay along for the ride, hey?


Monday, January 9, 2017

~a fresh start~

me again.
today I wanted to talk a bit about why I started this blog.
if you know me, and somehow found this godforsaken things, then you probably know about my horrible old blog. Life According to Gwen.
I'm serious, man. it was bad.
I started one handful of things because I wanted a place to write/talk about me-LATG just didn't reflect me. I didn't want to delete all of my old posts-it's a treasure trove of cringe. so I decided to make a whole other blog.

I'm thinking of having a posting schedule. I've decided to revamp completely my social media presence-for instance, my Polyvore has been redone as well. the downside to a posting schedule is the inevitable feeling of being forced to produce content, which doesn't sound fun.
so I'll stew on it.

anyways, this little explanation is all I'm going to write for now.